Monday, May 19, 2008

What part of state government isn't?

“Look, this is complicated; it’s legally complicated,” Bredesen said Friday. “It’s complicated just getting the numbers right so that we can have a program that fits within the program we have allocated to it.”

That's Gov. Bredesen's excuse for withholding information from his own Democrat pals in the legislature as well as the Republicans (and that one independent). I don't know which is more astonishing that the Governor, after all these years, hasn't accumulated a staff competent enough to create and explain this 'buyout' plan to the legislature so we have to expend another half a million dollars to a private firm or that he fully expects the legislature to 'trust him' and hand him the keys to the kingdom. I saw him on TV last night threatening them by saying they could hang around a couple more weeks for the explanation or they could just trust him and go home. What's really upsetting is I have no confidence that the legislature will push back and demand a full accounting from the Governor.

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