Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Cue full panic mode

You'll find this at Bill Hobbs blog regarding the illegal "Tennessee Plan" of selecting Supreme Court judges:

In recent months, suspects arrested by a Rockwood, Tennessee, police officer, had to be let go and the cases dropped because the officer's high school diploma came from a church-related school and that the Tennessee Department of Education has (without legislative authority) declared such diplomas to be invalid for employment as a police officer - thus invalidating the arrests.

If an invalid diploma can cause an arresting officer's arrests to be invalid, could unconstitutionally seated judges and justices have all of their rulings and decisions over the last 15 years called into question?

Whoa! I'm sure no one behind Sen. Wilder's illegal judicial selection plan anticipated wholesale dismissal of rulings and retrials from here into the next decade. You'll find a few other serious issues mentioned at Hobb's blog that have to be taken into consideration. Each one is another good reason to abide by the State Constitution and not give this partisan plan another day of life. Maybe the legislature thought they were employing supreme court justices but it's very likely they created a huge jobs program for lawyers across the state.

For background on the police officer see http://TnHomeEd.com/HB1652-SB1872.htm

UPDATE: Lawyer Ned Williams weighs in on the chaos that may or may not result from the failure of the legisalture to renew the Tennessee Plan.

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