Thursday, May 22, 2008

Good enough for government work

The DOE's characterization of private school (Category IV diplomas) as worthless made it national this afternoon as it moved from our own TennConserVOLiance writers to Warner Todd Houston at StopTheACLU and then on to Rush Limbaugh's daily 'stack of stuff' and on to Neal Boortz and the day's not over yet.

You've already read some of Rob Shearer's stuff here, let's move on to fellow ConSerVOLiance blogger Blue Collar Muse's comments:

In essence, it [ERIC Digest] says the digest reports home school students outperform government school students by significant margins. They do so throughout their academic careers. They do so measured any way you choose, including standardized tests. They do so consistently as reported in studies covering a variety of samples, locations and times. But ERIC concludes home schools are not superior to government schools. It only demonstrates ” … home schooling [provides] a very successful academic environment.” I only attended government schools but even I can read between those lines and discern the truth.

Let's move on to Houston's comments:
It’s true. The State of Tennessee has officially declared that from this point forward it will accept only less educated student applicants for state, county and city jobs in the Volunteer State. Why would the kindly folks in Nashville make such a stupid rule? Well, it’s all about control, you see. The state controls the less educated kids and they don’t control the ones that show higher academic aptitude. It really is just that simple.
He quotes from Rob Shearer's work referenced here yesterday and then goes on to note:
It is also interesting that the 2005 stats are the only such data available. It seems the ACT organization stopped delineating the differences between the home-schooled and the government indoctrinated students. One has to wonder if ACT has realized that governments all across the country are gearing up to destroy home-schools and religious schools and they didn’t want to help the home-schoolers out by showing the too obvious excellence that home-schoolers achieve compared to their less educated government indoctrinated contemporaries.
So, after seeing these interesting statistics, one has to wonder why the State of Tennessee would rather accept the least educated kids of the State to become policemen, firemen and daycare workers? Does Tennessee really want to promote the more stupid above its best and brightest?

From El Rushbo who reads at length from Houston's quoting of Rob Shearer comments:
Look, why are we so concerned? Why are we so surprised? This is exactly what the whole purpose of a government-run education system is all about: you dumb 'em down! You teach 'em certain things, you don't teach 'em other things, and then you graduate them and bring them into state government, city government, federal government, what have you. This is why they're not going to give it up, and this is why they don't care to improve it. Mr. Warner Todd Huston here is correct in his assessment that the State of Tennessee has basically said: "We only want the lesser educated. We only want people who are not as well educated to come work for us in the state."

From Neal Boortz:
Here's some commentary on the state of Tennessee and its decision not to let home schooled students work for the government. It would seem to me that if you are home schooled you are probably too damned smart to be working for government. Here in Atlanta the main purpose of the local government school system is to provide the city with government employees.
Many of us had grandmas with mere 8th grade educations that did a better job raising a generation than we're doing with our college degrees. No reasonable person looks at the condition of our country, its workforce and its education system and says---"It's those private schoolers that are the problem. Let's shut them out." They look at the government education system and say--"This has got to change." Until then, the truth is that a government diploma will continue to be 'good enough for government work'.

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din819go said...

Kay -- at least people are publicly talking about the purpose of public education. Two books your readers might enjoy if they haven't already read them -- 1)the deliberate dumbing down of america by Charlotte Iserbyt and 2) the underground history of american education by John Taylor Gatto. Both are available free on line --