Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Don't let the door hit you

Soon to be "Former State Rep. Rob Briley" hasn't worked through his issues yet. Instead of taking his lumps like a man he squeezes those sour grapes one more time and points his finger at those who only reported on his bad actions and encouraged his leaving public office. Likely he wasn't listening to his counselor when they said "They didn't MAKE you do anything. You made those choices."

From the City Paper:

“The right to a free and open press though comes with a responsibility, and from my experience over the past year, that responsibility is not being lived up to,” Briley (D-Nashville) said from the main House podium.
The right to represent the people of the State of Tennessee also comes with responsibility. As does being a husband and father. My suggestion to Mr. Briley is that he focus on his family responsibilities for the foreseeable future and not conduct himself in a manner that makes headline news then he won't have to worry about whether the media is fulfilling their responsibilities or not.

I can't help but notice that Briley thanked his children and his legislative colleagues but neglected to thank his ex-wife, or his longsuffering brother and mother for helping him to get this far--alive. Yes, he's still got stuff to work through. I'm glad that after today...he'll have more time to work on it all.


Wendy said...

I couldn't believe my ears, when I heard this on WPLN. Briley needs to continue to work through his "issues". First thing you learn in AA is "I am an alcoholic or fill-in-the-blank." Obviously, Briley could go back to AA meetings and learn his 12 steps to recovery, whether he chooses that or not is up to him. I have a choice to vote or not vote for him should he choose to run for office again.

Kay Brooks said...

If I hadn't known some alcoholics in my life I wouldn't believe it either.

I keep thinking about his children and how all this impacts them. Thankfully, their mother had the sense to get them away and out from under the insanity.

It's just such a waste.