Saturday, May 17, 2008

Hacks R Us

Apparently, hope does spring eternal. The headline in Friday's Tennessean caught my eye...something about 'conservation' and the budget. Had the Governor actually seen the error of his ways and relented on his pet Conservation Hall party bunker and realized the money could and should be spent to benefit rank and file citizens of Tennessee?

No. Not at all. The headline actually read:

It was even worse.
"Funds collected for environmental conservation could be used to fill an unexpected $15 million budget gap created because lawmakers objected to ending a tax exemption for some family businesses."
$15 million. Ummm....that's pretty close to the amount that party bunker costs...depending upon whose numbers you use to calculate the cost. Citizens are still waiting to see hard numbers on all of it.

So not only has the governor chosen to prefer his party bunker over the school children of the state via additional funding for Pre-K classes or TennCare, he's also chose the comfort and convenience of the wealthy power brokers over the preservation of state wild areas. This from the man who insisted on spending some $82 million for land acquisition in the Upper Cumberland not that long ago.

In the meantime we've finally been allowed to view some of the correspondence concerning the Bredesen Bunker because the Tennessee Center for Policy Research is doing a good job of dogging the administration to hand over the people's business. However, the hirelings at the administration are very good at what they do and are creating new tricks for the book in order to keep withhold information. Someone's definition of 'political hacks' needs updating.

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