Sunday, May 18, 2008

Is this supposed to be comforting?

"A special nine-officer task force has been assigned to cover Metro schools graduation ceremonies, which began Thursday and run through May 24." Tennessean
Or maybe this was supposed to be comforting:
"Metro students test high-tech metal detectors: Many of them will have to walk through Metro's two new mobile metal detectors, to be used at random when there is a threat or drugs and weapons on school grounds."


"I think they are a really good idea, because we will be able to be 100 percent sure we're safe," H.G. Hill Middle student Laura Moribe said. Tennessean

Because no one ever used anything organic as a weapon, right?

UPDATE: or this:
Instead of signing in the traditional way, with a handwritten log and generic I.D. badge, visitors must now check in through the LobbyGuard security system. The computer scans a visitor's driver's license; takes his/her photo; and then prints an adhesive photo I.D. badge with a bar code. Tennessean

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