Friday, May 23, 2008

Time to clean House

The City Paper makes the following editorial comment today:

[Former Tn Rep. Rob] Briley’s problems while not directly tied to his status as a legislator appeared to be more of the same — lawmakers who skirted or ran afoul of the law. Despite the fact these lawmakers have been almost exclusively Democrats since Tennessee Waltz, none of the party’s leaders in the state have stepped forward to call for civility and better behavior.
They could do an entire edition on the shenanigans pulled by the Democrat controlled House and folks could confuse it with an edition of The Onion. The legislature has gone home now and they'll be asking for your votes. You should seriously consider whether you want another Democrat majority in that legislative body. You'll get more of the same if it happens. Republicans aren't perfect to be sure but goodness, how can anyone look at what's gone on in the House and say "Yeah, let's have more of that." Let's enable more drunks, thieves, adulterers, and swindlers of various flavors to run this ship of state. It was the Democrat party that enabled and excused it all and then let them fuss at US for daring to question the behavior.

This summer spend more time examining the candidates for the Tennessee legislature than you do your latest beach novel. Instead of buying that summer read, send that $20 to a candidate that will turn things around. Call a candidate and ask them how you can help. Do you need to host a meet and greet? Man the phones? Stuff envelopes? Man a polling station? How much is your freedom and treasure worth to you? How badly do you want positive changes in this state? Go find a political broom and let's start cleaning out the House.


LeftWingCracker said...

Naifeh or Mumpower? Naifeh by a mile.

If you think for one second I'm going to vote for people who might put Campfield in a committee officer role, you've got to be out of your mind.

Rob said...

Campfield would be a refreshing and entertaining Committee Chairman. He's the ONLY legislator with the courage to keep up a blog and tell us what he sees going on.
but don't worry... When the Repubs take EIGHT seats in the fall and put Naifeh on the back row, Rep. Campfield will still need 49 other votes (just like everybody else) to get a bill passed.
- RedHatRob

Nashteach said...

Well, as a Democrat, I'll admit I'm not too crazy about the House Leadership. There are certainly news cycles I think it might be best to lose power and have to fight to gain the trust of the voters and get it back. That's some news cycles.


Uh-oh. The Asian girls are back!

the Democrat party

Democratic is an adjective; Democrat is a noun. When it precedes the noun "party," the adjective form is required.

Rob said...

Using a noun as a modifier of another noun is not grammatically incorrect. Some examples: "shoe store," "school bus," "peace movement," "Senate election," etc. Americans commonly speak of "the Iraq war" rather than "the Iraqi war."

Democrat Party = Party of the Democrats

Given the current controversy over voting methods in the Democrat Primaries, applying the adjective "democratic" might not be completely accurate. [smile]

- RedHatRob

Kay Brooks said...

Thank you, Rob.

I have a HARD time calling it the "democratic" party. Ask the folks in FL and MI if they feel like it's democratic. Democrats invented Super Delegates...that's democratic?

Tn Democrats won't allow the people to vote on changing the Tn Constitution per SJR 127 or Tennessee judges as per the Constitution just to name a couple of current examples.