Wednesday, May 14, 2008

BOE Family Reunion

In the mail yesterday was an invitation from MNPS BOE Chair Marsha Warden (District 9-Bellevue) to participate in a former school board member focus group to help Hazard, Young, Attea & Assoc. find the new superintendent of schools. This could be a very interesting meeting.

The letter also included a two page "Leadership Profile Assessment" form which I am asked to fill in and bring with me or mail in if I'm unable to attend the focus group. Apparently, this form is going out to a number of groups as I have to indicate if I'm an Administrator, Board, Community, Faculty, Parent, Student, Support Staff, Elected Officials, State Department of Education.

Question #1: What do you consider to be the two or three most significant strengths of this School District?

Question #2: What do you consider to be the two or three most important challenges or issues facing this School District?

Question #3: Please share two or three characteristics which you would like to see in the new superintendent.

Question #4: Based on hyour perceptions of the needs of the disgtrict, please ranak the following characteristics/skills in order of important from 1-10 with 1 being most important.

___ Ability and willingness to deal directly and fairly with faculty, staff, students, parents and community

___ Accountable and holds everyone in the organization accountable for his/her respective area of responsibility

___ Awareness of instructional and administrative applications of technology

___ Belief in data-based decision making that focuses on the individual needs of students

___ Collaborative

___ Effective communication skills: verbal, written and listening

___ Experience as a superintendent

___ Experience in a multi-cultural environment

___ Fiscal management expertise

___Knowledge of emerging research and best-practices in the area of curriculum/instructional design and implementation

___ Effective Organizational Leadership
Understanding of what happens in a school on a day-to-day basis

Question #5: Please share any additional thoughts below or on an additional sheet of paper.

Question #6: Do you know someone you feel would be a good candidate for the superintendent's position? If so, please write his/her name and address or phone number here or send it to Hazard, Young, Attea & Associates, Ltd. ....Thank you....

We've already discussed some of these items on the blog, but I'll be very happy to hear the opinions again and will be happy to include them in my response to this form and forum.

Let's hope that the name of these headhunters (Hazard) isn't any indication of what's to come. :-)


Meredith said...

That is wonderful news, Kay!

Already I feel more hopeful about this selection process. Thank you for continuing to serve our schools.

Kay Brooks said...

Thanks, Meredith. I'm glad to help. I never expected to be given the opportunity to provide any input. I'm a little concerned that the 'focus group' process won't allow for real honesty. I'd rather they'd have interviewed folks more privately. Perhaps the answers on the form will provide that honesty. We shall see.