Wednesday, October 17, 2007

What's it designed to find?

Is it me or is the MNPS search feature just about useless?

OK, is "Bransford Avenue" broad enough a search term?

Apparently not.


Nashteach said...

As an employee who wants to follow policy, I have been frustrated with the results.

However, when I try the searches you put in- with the proper nouns capitalized I am getting results. "Benjamin Wright" only gave me one match, but "Pedro Garcia" and "Board of Education" gave me 20 pages of results each. "Language curriculum" gave me nothing, "high school curriculum" gave me 7 pages with the second entry what I had in mind. "Hillsboro" gave me 20 pages of matches.

And it seems with each new search, I need to return to a "clean" home page. It's less than ideal, but I am getting some results.

Kay Brooks said...

Those strict parameters need to change or they need to at least tell people about them.

Guess I'm too used to the great results I get from Google and Firefox. Don't need the http:, don't need capitalization, if I spell it wrong it'll make a suggestion, can leave off the .com and still get where I intended to go.

I know the IT budget isn't all it could be but MNPS could do much better with this. One of their missions is to inform---this only frustrates.