Monday, October 01, 2007

Presidential Match Game

This was the most colorful survey of this type I've taken thus far.

I can't vote for Mitt though. We'll have to see if Huckabee is still in the race by next November. I'm not entirely persuaded that Fred's "The Man" so I'm not quite ready to call myself a FredHead but I'm leaning that way.

Hat tip: AC Kleinheider.


Nashteach said...

I hope Ron Paul does well. Huckabee is an interesting man. On one hand, I think he could attract some working class "Reagan Democrats"; on the other I don't see him being the best for the GOP in terms of adding states to the electoral map. I sure thought Thompson's campaign would have been more effective. If it weren't for all his chest thumping on Iraq, I'd actually consider voting for Giuliani. Despite his recent slide McCain is still the most electable for the general.

I got Biden-Clinton-Obama. I got Biden-Clinton here. I don't see Biden still being in by the TN primary. I was leaning towards Edwards, but I haven't been real pleased with his campaign thus far. To get into a spat with Ann Coulter to bolster fundraising was a little too "not ready for prime time." I'm really more centrist on economics than Edwards is too. I like Richardson. Wish his campaign would gain a little steam. Not real crazy about Hillary, but I don't buy the talk that she's not electable.

This isn't interactive but gives candidate stances on many issues.

I can't believe it's almost here.

din819go said...

That was interesting. I got Ron Paul (who I will vote for), Romney and Tancredo. very interesting. Go Ron Paul!!!