Wednesday, October 24, 2007

News You Can Use

Tennessean reporter Jessica Fender tells us that there wasn't room in the print edition for the names of the people who want to hide the people's business and so she posts it to her blog and it's included in the online version of the story. It's my opinion that these names should have been front page and above the fold--but no, the hockey team got that prime space.

Voting for the rule change [to allow up to but not including a quorum to deliberate]:
Sen. Joe Haynes, Goodlettsville Democrat and chairman of the subcommittee (741-6679)
Rep. Ulysses Jones, Memphis Democrat (741-4575)
Mike Hammond, Knox County Commissioner
Ogden Stokes, lawyer for the Tennessee Municipal League
Rheubin Taylor, Hamilton County attorney
Amy Martin, newly elected head of the Tennessee School Boards Association
Rosetta Miller-Perry, publisher of The Tennessee Tribune

Voting against it:
Rick Hollow, lawyer for the Tennessee Press Association
Chris Fletcher, editor of The (Columbia) Daily Herald and member of the Tennessee Coalition for Open Government.

Weird that Rosetta Miller-Perry, a member of the press, voted against open meetings. Her explanation will certainly be "news you can use".

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