Tuesday, October 09, 2007

New MNPS zones

Well, the maps are out. Let the conversation begin. You can see the individual cluster maps and the clarifying information provided by MNPS on the MNPS.org website. The Tennessean provides very poor black and white copies. Don't waste your time going there as they're nearly useless. Here's the Tennessean article though. The City Paper still isn't providing direct links to articles, which is still very frustrating (and still no dates on the very few articles with direct links) so no direct link for them.

I'm very curious about the closing of Dalewood Middle. I understand we have too much capacity. Frankly, neighbors shook their heads in wonder while MNPS was expanding the facility a couple of years ago. Big on the mind of folks in Inglewood will be "What happens to the Dalewood building?" Page 10 of the .pdf suggests that it, and other schools no longer being used, will be available for "optional programs, or other instructional uses, potentially increasing future choice opportunities." OOOOKaaaaay. In the meantime, what's the plan to ensure they don't fall into disrepair while those other opportunities, uses and choices come to fruition? Frankly, I'd be thrilled if KIPP decided to abandon the shameful facilities MNPS allowed them on Douglas Avenue and moved in there.

I'm very thankful to read Isaac Litton Middle School will remain. When parents choose to transfer their children to that school---you know you've got a great team there. Let's not mess with that.

Apparently, the Maplewood Cluster, which has some of the most desperate families and students and perhaps the poorest education results, was just too hard a nut to crack. Page 42 merely says:

"Recommended for further study. Study the feasibility of consolidating some elementary schools in the cluster."
Page 12 of the .pdf says 11th and 12th graders will be grandfathered in, but transportation will be the parents' responsibility.

According to the City Paper the BOE will have a working session regarding this rezoning on October 19 from 4 to 8. You'll want to make sure that your concerns and comments reach them before then.

So you can go to this MNPS page to view the current cluster maps and here to view the proposed cluster maps.

Here's the web page with the BOE members and their contact information.

E-mail all the BOE members using this link.

Other interesting information from last evening's MNPS presentation:

Two things about this chart:

1. How can MNPS provide 'unofficial' data. Aren't they the officials that collect and report this data?

2. How does this dramatic difference in the while student population compare with the white population of Metro overall?

How much of this tremendous increase in Free and Reduced Meals population is a result of wealthier families leaving Davidson County and the increased emphasis on providing these programs and ensuring folks are taking advantage of the taxpayers charity?

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