Saturday, October 13, 2007

Tn History Festival

We spent Friday afternoon at the Tennessee History Festival at the Bicentennial Mall. This was the first time we'd been and the children enjoyed it.

The fellow to the left, Park Ranger Mike Cole, shooting toward the capitol was very informative, interacted well with the children and his rifle report was very impressive! It's a wonder our forefathers weren't all deaf.

The Best Field Trip T-Shirt award goes to Davidson Academy. Their blue shirts in the photo at left reads "Let's go Tennesseeing". We ended up following a whole gaggle of these students. That worked out well in that reenactors would start their spiel when they showed up.

Under "Worlds Collide": We caught this reenactor, at left, talking on her cell phone, but she was too quick and managed to hide it before the shutter went off. Men of different centuries pass one another on the street.

History Bill of was interviewing a Cherokee Indian when came by. That made this presentation the best of all. Look for the video tape on their website.

I would have like to have seen better signage explaining what the stop was supposed to be focused on, some places to sit while the presentations were going on, and we forgot water bottles so a few water fountains along the mall itself would have been very welcome. Regardless, we were very appreciative of the opportunity to see all of this, talk about it and get to touch items from long ago. Thanks to all the reenactors, park rangers, the taxpayers of Tennessee for the facility and God for perfect weather.

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