Friday, October 19, 2007

Education listening tour continues

Last evening was the second of a series of listening events for new Mayor Karl Dean.

The Chamber is paying for services to transcribe the meetings and the mayor’s office will compile the recommendations and suggestions that come out of the meetings.

“That’s the piece that we’re bringing — we have to make sure there’s a written record of what was said and that way — people take time out of their night to come out and talk about what’s important to them and we want to make sure that’s preserved,” said Marc Hill, chief education officer for the Chamber. City Paper
Thanks to the Chamber for arranging for the transcribing. I suggest the transcript be made available online for those of us unable to attend. If you'd like to see them let the Chamber know. Here's their online contact form.

UPDATE from the Chamber via e-mail--ask the mayor:
The town hall meetings are organized by the Mayor's Office. The Chamber
is paying for the service to provide the Mayor's Office with the
transcripts of each meeting, but since they "belong" to the Mayor's
Office, it will be their responsibility to make the transcripts
available to anyone who is interested. The appropriate contact in Mayor
Dean's office from whom to request the transcripts is Danielle Mezera at or 862-6013.

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