Thursday, May 31, 2007

No step back

Despite the sudden and last minute appearance of Gov. Bredesen's $500 million pork package (over and above the legislature's own pork) the Tennessee Center for Policy Research managed to do some investigating and discovered that "nearly every recipient has ties to Bredesen's administration.

“This rash of proposed handouts to campaign contributors and political allies raises the specter of political kickbacks,” said Tennessee Center for Policy Research President Drew Johnson. “This is a step back for Bredesen, who pledged to take steps to reduce patronage and cronyism in his scandal-ridden administration."
It's not a step's exactly the path intended all along. This governor never intended to actually provide tax relief to citizens and families. I'll never forget when he was mayor of Nashville and he told our young family that we could afford a property tax increase. Now he's telling this family (whose grocery budget, car insurance bill and college expenses have increased substantially since then) that we can afford to support the pet projects of his cronies. If these are such worthwhile projects, Governor, fund them yourself. We've had both cars in the shop in the last week--and couldn't afford to get everything done. Why should our money go toward your pet projects instead of ensuring my husband and family are in safe vehicles?

And Lt. Governor Ramsey, I'm counting on you to go to battle for our family and families all across Tennessee and tell the Governor no. Cut out the non-essentials. No more money. We've collected too much as it is and it's time to give it back--or set it aside for real needs during an economic downturn. If you intend to keep that Republican majority in the Senate you're going to need to demonstrate (that's walk not talk) how Republicans are different from Democrats and hold the line on nonsense such as this. He may be governor--but he's not king. Are you his pawn?

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