Friday, May 04, 2007

Critical facts

Oops. The MPASSa parents group which was founded to fight district wide SSA has issued a press release this afternoon with a mistake that needs to be corrected. From the release

"Both [Ralph] Thompson [in charge of discipline] and [Woody] McMillin [district spokesman] asserted that a Metro-wide school uniform
policy could prevent situations like this week's arrest of a student
suspected of carrying a gun on a Metro bus. Yet they are ignoring some
critical facts:
"Even more egregious, the charged student attends Jere Baxter
Alternative School, which requires standard attire now. Clearly, the
school's existing standard attire policy did not prevent this incident.
I just called the MNPS Public Information Office and spoke with Debra. She assures me that what I had been told and thought I knew was indeed true. Jere Baxter ALC students are currently NOT required to wear standard school attire.

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Bucky Wunderlick said...

Um, wrong. The main office--doubtless a more reliable source than the Ministry of Truth over on Branscomb Avenue--says that students at the school are required to wear khakis and polo shirts. How does that differ from what Metro proposed in SSA?