Wednesday, May 09, 2007

And the robo-calls begin

Please....the deadline for filing to run for office hasn't even passed and already the robo-calls have begun.

First out of the gate was David Briley. And shades of Bob Corker it was his mother calling to invite me to his "Women for Briley" event. She sounds like lovely woman--but I'm not going to vote for her son and I'm not looking forward to this portion of the campaign having started already. The call came from 866-496-8261 and only identified itself as 'toll free number'. It should have read David Briley.

Here's the message if you care to listen: David Briley robo call 2007-05-09


Geofredo said...

Very strange. I live faaaar far away from Nashville and I just received a hangup call from that very number on my cell phone. I decided on a whim to Google it (thinking that it was strange I was getting an 866 number calling me), and here I am.

How does a machine call a wrong number?????

Kay Brooks said...

Likely it was a professional 'robo-call' vendor not even local to Nashville that's using the phone number. Sometimes they're programed to call once to provide a message to a machine ("I'm sorry I missed you...") and will call a second time if it's a live voice with a different message ("I'm Joe running for dog catcher") There could be a local (to you) customer for this service that initiated the call.

modulo51 said...

I live in San Francisco and was called from this number May 15,2007. It came to my cell phone and I didn't answer it. I found out about your blog by 'googling the phone number'.

modulo51 said...

I live in San Francisco and was called from this number May 15,2007. It came to my cell phone and I didn't answer it. I found out about your blog by 'googling the phone number'.

chocko said...

I've received 2 calls from this number, to my cell also in the 415 area code... once on May 15 and one today...seems to be a machine because it doesn't say anything in response to my "Hello?" and then quietly hangs up. I think the robot is malfunctioning...

modulo51 said...

I answered the call I got yesterday. After some delay, a recorded voice said "This is Mayor Newsom". I hung up then. As you may know, Gavin Newsom is the mayor of San Francisco. I suppose the next time I get the call I'll need to listen to it in order to contribute to this blog!

Kim said...

as others have already said, I came across this blog after googling the telephone is the second time I've received a call...missed the message (as I work from home and was drawn away by a customer), but it's funny that I'm in North Carolina and am getting this.

Charlie said...

I got this call on my cell phone with a 408 area code. My guess is that a robo-call vendor is developing a list of valid phone numbers, so that it can make robo-calls in November. Since the calls are not based on demographics, whoever is paying for this has a LOT of money.

What's on the California ballot for initiatives? I've noticed that I've gotten mailers from casino Indians, so they may be planning a big money campaign in the fall.

Charlie said...

The robocalls are coming from The Parker Group. Tony Parker is a Democratic pollster.
The Parker Group, Inc.
468 Palisades Blvd. Birmingham AL 35209
Office phone: 1-205-868-1700
Fax number: 1-205-868-1710
Tony Parker:
James Alford:
Gordon Crane:
Daphne Carr:
Caller ID: 866-496-8261
Caller: not identified
Caller Type: Telephone Surveyor

B said...

I'm amazed to see that this was posted while I was living in Clarksville, as I just received a call from this number here in Oregon. It was a robo-call reminding us that it's now too late to mail our ballots in, and that we have only four days left to use the drop boxes before elections workers empty them for the last time.