Monday, May 28, 2007

Back at it

Life was pretty busy last week and so blogging was nearly non-existent. I finished a formal dress for my daughter---stunning red number with a lace overlay. There was a dustup about a business in the neighborhood that needed tending. Some candidate stuff I was glad to help with. A stint at a booth at the Luis Palau festival that I was happy to man. Attended the Litton Middle School 8th grade graduation (GO LIONS!!). Took the car to the shop. Met with the ladies Bible study team to prepare for the summer session. We celebrated G'ma's birthday. I gave blood for a Mayo Clinic study on Parkinsons (my brother was recently diagnosed). And I re-discovered my desk top. I was shocked a while back to see a picture of my desk in the newspaper and immediately decluttered. Of course, maintenance is always the hard part and I was back to piles again. After seeing Al Gore's desk from a Time Magazine piece, I redoubled my effort and found it again (your turn, Tony). (Apparently, I need to raise the rate I'm willing to pay my 'staff' for filing.)

It was wonderful to step away from blogs for a while, breath different air, wrap my brain around different issues, spend time with IRL people and clear my head of the tyranny of keeping up with current events.

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