Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Home Depot groundbreaking

The Inglewood Home Depot had their official groundbreaking this morning. From left to right in the picture are Developer Robert N. Moore, Jr., 4th District Councilman Michael Craddock, Karen Bean of Home Depot and another Home Depot representative whose name I have forgotten (my apologies). [Update: His name is Guy Harrison according to the Tennessean.]

It was a beautiful day and this property is so lovely. North Inglewood Neighborhood Association and Inglewood Neighborhood Association folks were treated to BBQ on the grounds to celebrate this new beginning. The children and I revisited the cabins one more time and walked down to the spring house. Both of them will be preserved by Home Depot but there's a good chance actually touching those logs and sticking your feet in that cool spring water may not be possible for a good while.

The excitement about kick starting business revitalization along Gallatin Road in Inglewood (and Madison) was slightly tempered by the loss of Evergreen. It's easy to see on such a perfect spring day why they chose that piece of land to settle on. Despite the traffic on Briley--it was still a very pleasant place to enjoy the breeze, conversation with neighbors and hopeful plans for the future. I dearly hope that whatever business takes over the front parcel takes advantage of this natural beauty realizing that quiet respites are an essential part of 21st century life.

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