Monday, May 28, 2007

This shouldn't go unnoticed

This exchange is between Tennessee's US Representative Steve Cohen D-Memphis (formerly of the Tn Senate and he who carried and birthed our lottery) and a DOJ employee. The scene is a Senate Judiciary hearing last week regarding the firing of attorney generals. This from the Washington DC Examiner:

Cohen: The mission of the law school you attended, Regent, is to bring to bear upon legal education and the legal profession the will of almighty God, our creator. What is the will of almighty God, our creator, on the legal profession?

[Monica] Goodling: I’m not sure that I could define that question for you.

Cohen: Did you ask people who applied for jobs anything about their religion?

Goodling: No, I certainly did not.

Cohen: Ever had religion discussions come up?

Goodling: Not to the best of my recollection. …

Cohen: Are there a lot of — an inordinate number of people from Regent University Law School that were hired by the Department of Justice while you were there?

Goodling: I think we have a lot more people from Harvard and Yale.

And your point is what, Rep. Cohen? That the DOJ is hiring incompetents or that the DOJ is hiring the wrong kind of people?

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