Monday, May 21, 2007

Karl Dean robo call

Following on the heels of David Briley in the mayoral robo calls race is Karl Dean. Don't have audio since I was in the basement sorting laundry and didn't let the answering machine catch it. I was encouraged to check his website for information about his plan for education in Metro Nashville.

Call came from 353-1810 "Tennessee Basic"


Nashteach said...

At one point, I think in early March, I got polled on the Mayoral race. I love doing polls- so I was happy to answer. At first. Then I realized the young woman reading the questions was illiterate. The only name she could pronounce was the monosyllabic "Dean." Howard Gentry was Harold, Clement was pronounced Kleemunt; she got to Dozier and Bredesen (because Bredesen hired Dean) and admitted to me she could not pronounce them. I did so for her.

It was clear by the end Dean had commissioned the poll- and it was partly a push poll with tons of positive statements about Dean followed by "Wuld that make you more or less likely to vote for him?" I find push polls to be base campaigning when in the guise of a regular poll.

Anyway, Dean seems okay, but this introduction to him did not help his cause in my household. Although, we'd be Briley supporters with or without Dean's calls. Kind of like the whole USN TV ad thing. Not his fault really, but it doesn't help.

Kay Brooks said...

That's funny. You'd think they'd give them some sort of pronunciation cheat sheet and a bit of coaching before hand. But maybe that only came with the Premium Package. ;-)