Thursday, May 17, 2007

What does MNEA know that we don't?

Despite the fact that Councilmen at large David Briley hasn't released the education plank of his mayoral campaign platform the Metro Nashville Education Association has endorsed him for mayor.

“David Briley was the candidate who by far had a better plan for education,” Erick Huth, MNEA President, said. “He was much more forward looking both in terms of education and the future of Nashville. And his record in the council has been very good in supporting teachers, public schools and students.”
I consider it forward looking to create a $1 Billion endowment for the system that would assure money for teachers, facilities and resources and end the yearly begging and battle for bucks between the council and the school board. Forward thinking is recognizing that there is an education renaissance going on in our nation, that the biggest impediment to improving our public schools system has been the MNEA and placating them is like picking up an anchor--not a sail.

CM Briley's comments about public education have been covered here previously.

[Usual disclaimer: MNEA leadership does not equal classroom teachers in my mind.]


Joey said...

Oh you're too good, Kay Brooks.

Nashteach said...

Teachers know David Briley has been an active supporter for all of MNPS. He’s been present in the dialogue; he’s stuck up for us- parents and teachers alike

We don't need some slick PR-driven, poll tested "idea" campaign to know that David Briley is sincere in his commitment. He’s proven it.

Any insinuation that Briley is placating any stakeholder over another is just bunk. David knows how to value each and every partner in the mission to improve. And as mayor, he’s in a unique position to do just that. To build the team that has been lacking. As you've said, the mayoral candidates aren't running for school board. So what can the mayor do? Protect funding and value all the players. Get us all working together. He’s done more for MNPS than anybody else in the race- not on YouTube- but in person, sleeves rolled up.

At a forum in April, Briley indicated he would be experimental, try whatever we could to improve, including trying more charter schools. Briley is nobody’s puppet to be briefed. He’s not getting teacher support for his promises, but for his record.

[Usual disclaimer: MNEA leadership does not equal classroom teachers in my mind.]

Sounds like you and Mr. Briley share something in common.

I think that nothing I ever say about the Unions should be taken to impugn the teachers because they are separate


Nashteach said...

Of course that's "as mayor, he would be in a position to do just that."