Friday, June 01, 2007

Sham or Shame?

Gov. Bredesen has responded to the Tennessee Center for Policy Research revelations of his friends in high places benefiting from being his friends with this carefully crafted paragraph.

“Governor Bredesen has proposed a sensible and fiscally responsible balanced budget that includes historic investments in education and savings for our state. The Governor has worked very hard to restore public confidence in state government and to restore fiscal discipline to the budget process by working in a bipartisan fashion with the highest ethical standards. These false accusations are ridiculous and this type of sham analysis is a disservice to Tennesseans.”
He's not working hard enough. If it's a sham---point out where the TCPR facts were inaccurate. Don't just wave your word processor product at taxpayers. This non-response is pitiful and completely unhelpful in the discussion. If TCPR is wrong tell us where. Lacking that, I'll assume they were right again and it's not a TCPR sham, it's an abuse of taxpayers and a gubernatorial shame.

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