Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Life outside of politics

Former Mt. Juliet City Manager Rob Schearer has always been an interesting person with valuable insights. I first met him via the homeschooling community when as Greenleaf Press publisher he talked about the twaddle in curriculum such as "the fireman is your friend". He's always encouraged the chronological study of history and eventually created the Frances Schaefer Study Center.

From November of 2000 to May of 2007, I was the City Manager of Mt. Juliet, TN. Because of my obligations as City Manager, I chose not to start a blog and refrained from making political, cultural, and religious comments on the internet.

But, its now June of 2007, and I’ve been set free.

He's letting us in on his opinions and knowledge via his newly created blog at http://redhatrob.wordpress.com/. You're going to want to check out his first week's offerings. Be prepared to think, learn and don't be shy about disagreeing. He can take it.

Snips to whet your appetite:
News from ancient Egypt: In particular, the chronology of Ancient Egypt is still very much a speculative exercise. The evidence that establishes firm dates in the history of Israel is much more complete than it is for Egypt.

Review of book "Team of Rivals": Its also a study in political wisdom. Lincoln’s magnanimity is what eventually led to his nomination and election as president - and successful conduct of the war. Finally, it is a study in management principles with applications even now to how leaders should choose key lieutenants and manage them.

Commit an act of rebellion. Read Bush’s [Prague] speech for yourself.
There's more and much more to come.

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Wendy said...

It's a small world, or should I say it is God's world. We met the Shearer's at a Hickory Grove Presbyterian Church picnic and we were really impressed by Rob and his family.

Sunday after church, we were eating with church friends and we saw the Shearer's drive by in their van. We heard the news of the way he gained his freedom--not the best way--and we said a prayer for him and his family. (was that poor English?)

Interesting that you should know the Shearer's as well.