Sunday, June 10, 2007

You have GOT to be kidding

It's almost unbelievable. A woman is a great match for a kidney donation but her boss won't hold her job for her if she goes through with it.

Dave Roberts, Tennessee Apparel's vice president of manufacturing, said he's not trying to discourage Melson from going through with the donation. But, he said, the Tullahoma-based company won't hold her job for her. Tennessean
If knowing you have to exchange your job for doing the right thing isn't discouragement--just what exactly is discouragement? This is an incredibly short sighted decision. A heartless thing to do and a stain on the company name to boot.

It's almost as if Roberts is auditioning for the role of Mr. Potter in "It's a Wonderful Life" or Scrooge in "A Christmas Carol". What could possibly be more important than than providing a kidney? She works for a uniform factory. Yes, they have contracts with the military but you've got a long way to go before you'll persuade me that she's so essential to the War on Terror that she can't take a leave and be assured her job will be there when she's recovered.

Even if she was the worst employee on the planet, even if she lied about the children being ill every time she took off of work, even if she'd only been employed for 10 minutes instead of four years--this company should allow her the leave she needs to make this donation. From what's in the paper, this woman is taking a huge gamble herself and certainly a financial hit to make the donation.

Let's hope these aren't words he'll personally regret uttering:
"It's not a family member," Roberts said. "This is an elective surgery based on her own decision. She doesn't have to do this."
I'm not going to go as far as to say there ought to be a law--but some old fashioned shame is certainly in order. I'm glad the Tennessean has administered the first dose.


Nashteach said...

I saw this and was similarly outraged. Can we find out more about their label(s)? I want to make sure I don't buy anything of theirs. I wonder if they make anything that qualifies as school "standard attire."


Kay Brooks said...

Military style uniforms was all they seem to produce if Google is used as a source of information.

Nashteach said...

Ah, yes. Government contracts. Well, looks like someone in the company is familiar with generous donations.

Maybe Mr. Hilleary or Mrs. Boling could work some of Mrs. Melson's shifts. :)