Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Summer schedule

Well the Tennessee legislature decided that out of the $1.7 billion in excess revenue they could only spare about $5.00 for the Brooks family in the form of a half percent tax reduction. I was really looking forward to having all of the sales tax removed from food and putting that $1,000 toward some car repairs--but I'm sure they know best how to spend our money.

And so, lacking that $1,000, I'll be spending some time on a paying gig to make up the difference while 'school' and the legislature isn't in session. I'll also spend some time updating and cleaning up the TnHomeEd.com website in preparation for the fall rush.

It looks like Ben Cunningham and Martin Kennedy are doing an outstanding job of commenting on education issues. If you haven't visited them and added them to your feed reader, you really should. I'll still be posting during the summer but it'll be lighter than usual. Go out and enjoy the season while I toil away at the mundane necessity of providing for hearth and home.

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