Monday, June 25, 2007

I'm #14!

What a great way to begin a Monday morning.

Cruising through the blogs this morning before beginning the morning's activities I ran into A.C. Kleinheider's post about the's new ranking of blogs. I'm #14. How I got ahead of Bill Hobbs is a mystery to us all, I'm sure. Regardless, it's a a very nice surprise to make the list at all.

BNN explains:

BNN's Tennessee Blogosphere Influence Rating combines a variety of data sets to determine which blogs are most powerfully influencing the direction of the Tennessee political blogosphere.
It's good to know I'm influencing the blogosphere. I blog to influence policy and help folks know what's going on so they can influence policy. If influencing blog conversations gets me closer to that...great.


Nashteach said...

You answer your own question. Hobbs is good at what he does, but it could easily be argued he's a political hack. Don't even get me started on "Frank." You, much more often, offer substantive information and commentary, that, while it has a political bent, is much more than a conservative blog. If that's all it were, I'd have no use for it. I'm liberal on social stuff and pretty middle of the road on all else, but really prefer good dialogue to partisan debate. We disagree as much as agree but I've learned a lot here, which matters to me more than hearing echoes of my own view. Most "political" sites don't offer that. You should be even higher IMHO. Congrats!


Kay Brooks said...

Thanks, for the congratulations, Tom. I've appreciate your contributions here too.

If we could just get a few more folks willing to add to the conversation--we might actually make some progress. :-)

Diane said...

Congrats! You are just as few spots below Tiny Cat Pants and Left Wing Cracker. You must be so proud.

Kay Brooks said...

I'm not sure proud is the right word. It's a nice honor.

I see I've slipped to #15 this week with several blogs not listed the first time around included. It'll be interesting to see what impact this ranking system may have.

Diane said...

For whatever it's worth, it is an honor to be ranked and to know that your voice is being heard. For as much as I disagree with you alot of the time, I must commend you for that you are not just speaking, you are listening and responding as well. A mark of character.

Kay Brooks said...

Thank you, Diane. We can't improve anything if we won't listen and consider other information and points of view. I'm opinionated, to be sure, but I do welcome conversation. that's a little hard to convey in this medium sometimes. :-)