Sunday, June 03, 2007

Dave Pelton, Council-At Large

Dave Pelton already had my vote for Council-at-Large. Perhaps this paragraph from AC Kleinheider will intrigue you enough to seriously consider voting for Dave also.

He is a strong proponent of charter schools and choice in education, not vouchers or anything, but still choice. I asked him how that could be considering he was endorsed by the MNEA, the teacher’s union. I mean, after all, he is Republican who thinks outside the box on education. He explained that the teacher’s union has lost substantial power recently due to their numbers. They are dangerous close to the 49% teacher membership that would cost them their collective bargaining agreement so they are a little more open to out of the box thinking.
You may want to start by reading all of AC's post, and then heading on over to Dave's web site.

And don't over look that mention of the MNEA membership number. I've heard from other sources that the MNEA is very close to the point where they could lose their right to represent teachers. Being this close to the line may be one of the reasons they absolutely refuse to provide numbers for their last few elections. The truth would out and then they would be also.

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Nashteach said...

MNEA endorsed Jack Johnson for At Large 4 years ago and he's not exactly Ted Kennedy either. Last year, they endorsed Michael Kerstetter over an African American career educator, Jo Ann Brannon.

On these endorsements, some people seem to be getting MNEA confused with NEA. NEA is much more likely to look at a myriad of issues, including abortion and gay rights. MNEA endorses on two main things: support for education and viability of campaign. As the Tucker endorsement showed, MNEA doen't endorse on social issues. Tucker is good on school issues, period. (Note: I'm not following their recommendation on this race, but know why they did it.)

There seems to be a lot of conservative blogger focus on MNEA's endorsements this go round and the way the endorsements are being discussed makes it seem like conservatives remember all the past endorsements and can characterize them with a single word. I mean, really, have you all been watching MNEA endorsements for the last decade and a half? As a member, I have. They don't just find the biggest liberal; the endorsements are much more varied than you suggest, as is the membership.