Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Strategic plan committee

Today's Tennessean gives us the names of the members of the Strategic Plan Committee which will rewrite the overarching plan for the system. Here's a link to the expiring plan.

According to MNPS Spokesman Woody McMillan today they begin day one of a three day session. God bless 'em.

What's also curious is that the Tennessean has chosen to post the education status of some of these people but not all. That doesn't seem fair.

I've included comments and links to the Tennessean's list. If you have information about the rest feel free to clue us in about the people working on this enormous task.

Mebenin Awipi NAACP, Tennessee State University [Fresh off the MNPS BOE, and head of the NAACP Education Committee.]
Julia Baldridge — FACE, Family Advisory Council for Special Education
Gail Carr Williams — private school parent; Vanderbilt University
Stephanie Chatham — elementary school principal [Percy Priest elementary]
Vern Denney — Metro schools, facilities/zoning
Margaret Dolan — Nashville’s Agenda
Lendozia Edwards — Metro schools, learning support services [She caused some serious concern in 2005 with her attempts to find homeschoolers for her dissertation. A parent spoke to the BOE on 12/13/05 outlining her conduct and asking for her to be sanctioned. Check this page for more details.]
Kim Finch — middle school principal
Jose Flores COPLA, ELL [COPLA is the newly formed Hispanic parent organization]
Jim Forkum — Metro Council[man] representing the Madison area.
Angela Galloway — middle school teacher [Litton Middle]
Pedro Garcia — director of Metro schools
Lora Hall — high school principal
The Rev. Barton Harris Tying Nashville Together
Susan Howard — Steel Workers [United Steelworkers Local 9426 and bus driver]
Erick Huth — Metro Nashville Education Association
Ed Kindall — Board of education [member]
Julie Lamb Parents Advisory Council, parent of child at Title 1 school
Gretchen Logan — high school counselor
Lance Lott
— Metro schools, information technology
'Rita McDonald — magnet school parent, YMCA
Brenda Morrow — Edgehill Family Resources Center
Carmen Overby — high school student
Virginia Pupo-Walker — high school teacher
David Rhodes — high school student [and student member of the BOE]
Sydney RogersAlignment Nashville, nonprofit organizations
Betty Russell — SEIU [Service Employees International Union Local 205]
Ralph Schulz Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce [formerly of the Adventure Science Center]
The Rev. Victor Singletary — Interdenominational Ministerial Fellowship
Ralph Thompson — Metro schools, assistant superintendent
Tonya Venters — elementary school teacher

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