Monday, January 22, 2007

Just weeks left

Creative Liberty has the MNPS release making Dr. Sandra Johnson's exit from Nashville official.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Jan. 22, 2007) – Dr. Sandy Johnson, Chief Instructional Officer for Metro Nashville Public Schools, will be leaving Nashville in February to become superintendent of Glendale Elementary District 40, a K-8 school system in Glendale, Arizona. Dr. Johnson has been with MNPS since August, 2001, overseeing Learning Support Services and serving as a member of Director Pedro Garcia’s cabinet.


Dr. Garcia said he is dealing with mixed emotions.
“Sandy Johnson isn’t just a colleague or business associate; she’s a long-time friend whose wisdom and courage have helped me many times,” he said.


Dr. Garcia would not speculate on when a replacement would be named. He said the district has a strong group of capable administrators who can work more closely with him as the search for a new Chief Instructional Officer gets underway.

Creative Liberty is hosting a party. I expect they'll be many in attendance.

I hope Glendale Elementary School district, a K-8 district barely one-fifth the size of MNPS with just 14,000 students, 17 schools and 5 board members is a better fit for her. I sincerely hope it's a good fit for those children.

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