Thursday, January 25, 2007

More on Johnson's departure

Earlier this week the Glendale, AZ Star promised more details about the hiring of their new superintendent of schools Sandra Johnson. I don't think they've really fulfilled that promise--no contract details at all. Here are a few snips:

While details of the contract, which will officially begin July 1, have not been worked out, Johnson is expected to come to the district in mid-February on a special services agreement.


Her new post entails oversight of a district less than one-fifth the size of her previous employ.


She was one of several administrators from the Corona-Norco Unified School District, near Los Angeles to move in 2001 with then-Superintendent Pedro Garcia when he became director of the Nashville school district.

“I would never have come to Nashville without her,” Garcia said. “She’s the best there is.”


Johnson also anticipates working more closely with school staff. Her first priority, though, is to “do a lot of assessment” with an eye toward student achievement.

“We want to be data driven, research-based and results oriented,” she said. “I’m very much a believer in standards-based reform.”

He never would have come without her but he'll stay without her?

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