Sunday, January 07, 2007

Gracie's chosen David

5th District School Board Representative Gracie Porter has chosen David Briley as her mayoral candidate of choice if a recent fund raiser invitation listing her as a supporter is correct. The invitation goes on to list dozens of the usual liberal East Nashville crowd--Gracie Porter and members of her election team among them. I'm looking forward to hearing from Gracie why, specifically, she thinks he's a better candidate for mayor than the rest.

Note to David--I know the opening is meant as a joke--but there's a definite 'ewww' factor there. You might want to rethink similar attempts.


Tom said...

I'm looking forward to hearing from Gracie why...

Does that mean you're going to the Briley party?

I say this respectfully, but after two weeks of no posts, I really expected something about Richard Bowers keeping his MNPS employment or the latest "Pay for Test Scores" effort. (I voted "yes," BTW, but would not were it MNPS money. And, fwiw, my TVAAS scores are consistently above the state average.)

But Briley bashing and Gracie goading? Ho hum!

Kay Brooks said...

Yep, I've fallen a bit behind on posting. Life and a really nasty cold have kept me off the blog.

I haven't overlooked the Bowers vote or the newest incentive pay attempt. It's all in the pipeline--along with an interesting high school alternative and -- well, you'll see.