Thursday, January 25, 2007

Counselor resigns

A bit of good news, a Glencliff counselor has chosen to resign rather than fight allegations of grade tampering thus saving the district untold hours of work and who knows how much money in an effort to remove her. Though considering the outcome of the Bowers hearing--she might very well have had a chance at keeping her job despite the evidence.

I, though, am thankful she took the higher road this time. It does make you wonder what kind of counsel these folks are providing the children if they feel comfortable altering records.

I'm also thankful it wasn't another District 5 problem. It's still a district-wide problem and I'm glad the records are all being examined but how it is that the school was being audited and they didn't catch this.

[Metro Schools’ guidance department Kim] Mansfield said her team was present at Glencliff, conducting an audit, when it was discovered that Cobb has allegedly altered grades.

She said they did not, however, discover the errors during the audit process.

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