Thursday, January 25, 2007

Public school choice

If you thought the MNPS Magnet school lottery rush was impressive--this could certainly cause a stampede.

At the [South Carolina] State House, legislators are testing out a new kind of school choice for parents. Rep. Bob Walker (R-Spartanburg) says, "All 85 school districts would have to participate in this."

Rep. Walker is behind a proposed bill that would allow open enrollment, meaning any student could go to any public school regardless of the district they live in.

By limiting the choice to just public schools, not private, Walker believes the bill has a good chance to pass, "We in government, should allow parents to make that choice as to where they feel best for their child to be educated." [emphasis added] WIS TV

They do have a few restrictions regarding financial impact and capacity--but I'm impressed that they're actually talking out loud about it.

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