Friday, January 19, 2007

English first

I don't think the recent resolution passed by the council (and already signed by the mayor) making English the official language of Metro government and the English First bill of CM Eric Crafton are mutually exclusive. I believe that the resolution lets folks know what the heart of the council is in the matter and CM Crafton's bill deals with the important practical side of the issue. I think councilman can support both and I hope they will on February 6 for the third and final reading of CM Crafton's bill.

And as a reminder this is what Crafton's bill says

Section 1. Chapter 1.04 of the Metropolitan Code of Laws is hereby amended by adding the following new section 1.04.070:

"1.04.070. English the official language of the metropolitan government.

A. English is hereby established as the official language of the metropolitan government.
B. Except when required by federal law or when necessary to protect or promote public health, safety or welfare, all communications, publications, and telephone answering systems of metropolitan government boards, commissions, departments and agencies shall be in English."

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