Saturday, January 20, 2007

Johnson's gone

Dr. Sandra Johnson, Chief Instructional Officer for Metro Nashville Public Schools, got the superintendent's job in Glendale, AZ according to their Glendale Star newspaper.

Sandra Johnson, a deputy superintendent for instruction with Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools, has been selected as the next superintendent for Glendale Elementary School District. A special governing board meeting is scheduled for 5 p.m. Jan. 22 at the district office. At that time, her selection is expected to be ratified.

What really sold the GESD board on Johnson were her classrooms, [GESD Governing Board President Steve] Johnston said. Four board members went to Nashville and visited classrooms.

"To see for yourself makes all the difference in the world," Johnston said.

In one school, Johnston said, there were no bells to signal the end of one class and the beginning of another. Johnston said when the children saw the time on the clock, they picked up their books and filed out of the room and went to their next class.

"Transition was less than a minute and a half," Johnston said. "I interviewed a panel of principals and they told me pointblank she saved their careers by what she gave to them. She is very popular with her staff. There has to be something special to beat out Mark Joranstaad. We're going to give her every opportunity to show why we chose her."

Anyone know what school this would have been?

No details on when she's leaving. The Glendale paper promises more details on January 25, Thursday.


mnbvcxz said...

I've taught at 3 that don't use bells--Two Rivers, East Lit, and Hume Fogg. Most principals and teachers don't like 'em.

Tom said...

They visited Meigs and Lockland.

Kay Brooks said...

Well, I'd take 'em to either of those if I was looking for a job.

Let's make sure that when we're looking for Garcia's replacement we don't fall for the same tactic.