Monday, December 29, 2008

TV is turning us off

Am I the only one upset that the airing of the family classic "The Sound of Music" last evening on ABC network television was thoroughly peppered with advertising for "The Bachelor" and other not-so-family-friendly programming?

You want to know why the transition to DTV and the fear of losing a television signal is meaning less and less every day? Here's a clue. When a family decides to settle in for a night of classic entertainment only to have it hijacked by inappropriate images that require the defensive use of a remote control it's just easier to use streaming Netflix or buy the video and dump the network broadcast altogether. Who cares if we lose a broadcast signal when the box still works to display the unadulterated (pun intentional) version of family programming?

The TV schedule may have said "Sound of Music" but the sound the networks should have heard coming from our home last night was the sound of the DVD player.


Buckley said...

Actually, that did bother me, though not as much as that little Nazi messenger still giving them away in the convent! He never learns. The Sound of Music is one of my wife's favorites and I actually bought her the video years ago, but it's just one of those things...when it's on ya gotta watch it. Usually what we're able to do is record via DVR and zoom right through the commercials. Well worth it.

Sherry Gann said...

I completely agree! Online streaming and DVD's are the only ways we watch movies.