Thursday, December 18, 2008

Republican survey and education

The TN Republican Party has released its survey results. The graphic shows the results of their question regarding education. Since the House Education Committee drives education legislation and it's about to be in the hands of the new Republican majority I expect to see some important changes to how we educate children in this state. I'll say it again, Tennessee is surrounded by 8 other states. I get inquiries from folks who are investigating education choices before deciding which one of those states to move to. We're in an education competition. It's past time for Tennessee to embrace the 21st century options.


N.S. Allen said...

Is there even the slightest chance that the TRP got any useful information out of this online survey? I mean, I'm wagering no one will be shocked that people who visit the TRP web site often enough to notice such a poll happen to prefer B and/or C to A. Even the people who created the poll seem to have acknowledged it - note the lack of "A & B" and "A & C" answers.

Silly survey aside, though, I suppose it ought to be asked. What are these "21st century options" of which you speak?

Buckley said...

The choices seem fair, but I don't understand why they are just providing lines as data. What are the percentages? I've never seen poll results without numbers before.