Monday, December 01, 2008


Ken Marrero has a great post about working together where you can. Ken notes, regarding the variety of issues and support on the right:

We agree on more than we disagree. There are some very real differences and these will need to be worked out. But using exclusion as a tool in this working out is precisely the wrong approach.
When I read it last week it put me in mind of the homeschooling community. While there are folks out there who mistakenly assume we're all right wing fundys the truth is our community is much more diverse, and getting more diverse all the time. Our community agrees on a narrow edge of issues regarding our freedoms. Nicky Hardenbergh likened that sliver of agreement to the sharp edge of a knife. As long as we stay on that knife edge we're united, strong and effective. But the truth is if we move on to parental rights, immunizations, UN Conventions or even education policy generally, you'll find homeschoolers all over the map. As Ken makes clear none of us needs to stubbornly refuse to work with the other because 'they' don't support 'us' on all of 'our' issues.

It's important to always keep in mind the truth that politics does make strange bedfellows. We all need to remember not to hog the blankets while we share the bed.

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