Monday, December 15, 2008


I told you we were baking cookies. 22 quarts worth. Well, not counting the broken ones and the ones we kept for ourselves. We replicated the packaging idea from the month's Real Simple Magazine.

Kieflies (use powdered sugar instead of flour to roll dough)
Spritz (Wilton Cookie Press is a must have)
Rasberry Pinwheels Getting the log rolls uniformly shaped is tougher than we thought.

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Buckley said...

Mmm...cookies. My wife is a good cook, but great at baking. She usually makes tons of cookies and pies. Getting a slow start this year because she's busy making soap. (This year's big seller is the hockey puck soap- a surge in hockey moms?) Hopefully she'll soon get to make some Almond Joy cookies and french silk pies.

Merry Christmas!