Thursday, September 04, 2008

She's a winner!

VP nominee Gov. Sarah Palin was fabulous last night. The women of the Brooks' household were so excited to see this strong woman, mom and wife. I was so thankful my children got to see what was possible. I was thankful that it's going to be a conservative woman who makes it to the White House first and it won't be because she was married to a former president while wedded to the wrong headed feminists of yesteryear but because she'd worked hard at serving her communities and that hard work was noticed. Her road started by volunteering to help in her children's school and may very well include being the very first female president of this great nation before her political journey ends.

From my point of view I was excited to finally see Palin begin to put the lie to much of the nasty elements of the left have offered over and over that she wasn't ready and didn't have the experience necessary. Obviously, they were stunned she'd done so well last night after the week they'd given her. They expected a mouse of a woman and she roared! She strode onto that stage a confident woman ready accept the job of vice-president with full knowledge, by then, that she wasn't going to be coddled because she was a girl. No pantsuits for her. Her hair was done up and her heels were on. She was the sort of feminist I'm proud to vote for, dressed for battle as only a woman can be.

Last night she pushed back at the nastiest, most hateful, most despicable tactics I've seen in my lifetime which came from the bottom feeders of the political arena. Former presidental candidate Mike Huckabee was right when he called the media and left wing attacks on Palin as "Tackier than a costume change at a Madonna concert." Seriously, what hope is there for the Democrat Party when these forces are driving their policy?

The more the Democrats and their Daily Kos and MoveOn handlers demean small town people (who vote), their mayors (who vote), mothers (who vote), women (who vote) and parents who suddenly find themselves grandparents (who vote) who is going to be left to vote for them? We may be clinging to God and guns but they are clinging to a view of America that Rudy Guiliani acknowledged last night which discounts most of America because it isn't as comopolitian or flashy as they think it should be. Because we're on the right side of the political world we're unsophisticated rubes. One female talking head the other day said that the women supporting Palin weren't like the college educated women supporting Hillary Clinton. She was right, we're not like them but that doesn't make us uneducated as well as unsophisticated! Is there no end to their ability to insult voters?

How is it that Palin's daughter's mistake is a deal breaker in their eyes, but Bill Clinton's conduct isn't? How is it that a man who has spent more time writing about himself and campaigning for president is considered more qualified to run this nation than any mother of five? The sound bites from Obama this week have regularly referred to her as a small town mayor and completely ignored her two years as governor of Alaska in a desperate effort to make her less than what she is because he is less than what he says.

And while it's been frustrating to see the obvious hatchet job the media and their Democrat friends are doing on Palin it was great to see her zing them last night. She wasn't hateful or angry, though I've no doubt her opposition will say she was. I found it charming that she leaned into the podium, made that mom face that says "You should know better" because they should. I'm looking forward to her being the Speaker of the Senate and giving them that same look. This is a woman used to getting things done and I'm looking forward to her getting things done in Washington DC.


N.S. Allen said...

I'm going to do my best to be positive on this one: she was a good speaker and she'll be a huge benefit to McCain, at least as far as the base goes. I have a hard time believing that she wins independents, but, hey, I don't want them to.

I am surprised by how often her claims about herself turn out to be false or, at best, half-truths. (And I'm not so sure that it's that she's dishonest so much as that her speechwriter is familiar with Bush and McCain, rather than her.)

But I keep hearing her saying that she dealt with that bridge to nowhere and then reading that, actually, she kept a bunch of the money and supported it until it became a national embarrassment. I hear her talking about being an advocate for special needs kids and then finding out she slashed funds for special needs education (by 62%). She talks about dealing with the oil industry, and then we learn that her negotiations were nothing like the dealing we in the non-oil rich states need.

So, it seems like all hat and no moose, here, to me.

(Mission Positive, by the way, just failed. Alas.)

Kay Brooks said...

Straight from the anti-Palin game plan.

Her Republican predecessor proposed a budget. As incoming governor she prepared her own version of the budget which actually increased the funding 175%. That was 62% less than the outgoing governor had in his proposed budget but certainly NOT a real slash of funding. I understand your confusion though. It's normal now days to have governments call any increase they didn't get to their budget a spending cut.

Don't know about her dealings with the oil companies. Seems to me that since she's willing to drill off shore and in ANWAR that's the deal we non-oil rich states really need.

Buckley said...

This country and our politics are being destroyed by fringe elements on both sides of the spectrum. Folks who certainly have ideas and values they care strongly about, but have no respect for other Americans who are different from them. They’ll spend the next several months making the other side look as ugly as possible out of their own fears. We’ll hear a lot of irrelevant drivel from O’Reilly and Olbermann, Rush and Randi. Whether it’s Cindy Mccain’s $300000 outfit or Michelle Obama spending $10000 on extra-curricular activities or her refund on some new earrings. NYC Mayor Giuliani puts down cosmopolitan; Mrs. Clinton speaks for “the little guy.” We’ll hear hockey mom and community organizer ad nauseum, as if only one can be a good American. Bitter outrage aimed at bitter outrage over bitter outrage. It’s just surreal, really. As a social studies teacher, it is frustrating all the misinformation teenagers with leanings on both sides, or no leanings at all, have internalized. We seem to be in an age where if you think for yourself, you are looked down upon by both “sides”; if you’re not devoutly left or right, you are irrelevant or invisible.

The bright side, I think, is that we have two decent, thoughtful men running to serve us. Neither is perfect, but quite frankly I’m at a point where, despite the fact that they’re both politicians, they’re both more honest than many of the people speaking about them. I plan to cast my vote for the one who clearly tells me his vision for the government he asks to lead and the one who will lead it for all of us. [/rant]