Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Kindall backs down

MNPS BOE member Ed Kindall (District 7-Downtown-Glencliff) backed way down from the harsher rhetoric of NAACP members, his former Board colleague George Thompson and himself earlier this year by offering a motion for the board to establish a date for a study session (maybe four hours) in next two weeks to deal with elements of implementation of the student assignment plan to include transportation for non-contiguous zones, additional resources, choice options and communication with parents. This in an effort clearly establish parameters with the administration according to him. Kindall also stated he has a huge concern to maximize and maintain diversity.

Here's the 13 minute video of that portion of last night's meeting.*

Karen Johnson seconds the motion. Comments from:

MNPS BOE member Steve Glover (District 4-Donelson-Hermitage) wants to know how the date will be established.

Sharon Gentry (District 1) asks for specifics before the meeting so BOE members aren't walking into this meeting cold.

Acting-superintendent Chris Henson says they've got a working group in place looking at implementation and two weeks would be enough time to prepare. He does make clear that some things won't be known until they actually begin working the plan.

Kindall amends his motion to include capitol expenses.

Gentry finishes her request for further information.

MNPS BOE member Gracie Porter (District 5-East Nashville) piggybacks on the capitol expenditure and mentions the current gasoline situation.

Alan Coverstone (District 9-Bellevue) is pleased with the tenor of the current discussion and thinks it's 'great Mr. Kendall has put the motion this way'.

Karen Johnson appeals for quick communication regarding the dates as her calendar, like everyone's, will fill quickly.

MNPS BOE Chairman David Fox (District 8-Hillsboro-West End) calls for the vote and the motion carries unanimously.

Here's the City Paper's coverage and here's the Tennessean's where their Jaime Sarrio gets it exactly right.

Kindall doesn't have enough support on the board to get the rezoning plan reversed, and he abandoned plans to make a motion at Tuesday's meeting to rescind parts of the plan because he feared it would be denied.
Before the election Kindall was all bluster raising the spector of segregation of old. Now, safely ensconced in his seat for another four years he suddenly becomes more reasonable. I don't have a problem with the BOE asking Acting-Superintendent Chris Henson for details about how this will work but for goodness sake, let the man do his job and then judge it by its fruit.

Why wasn't the BOE so watchful and demanding of action plans while Garcia was frittering away the lives and well-being of students for 7 years?

And, just in case anyone has forgotten forcing diversity does not equal a good education. I don't think it's all that successful as a social engineering tool either. Focus on ensuring that students get the educational delivery system that suits their learning style (check with their parents about that) and I believe the rest will take care of itself.

*YouTube only takes 10 minutes of video, Google Video receives it but I keep getting an error message saying it's unavailable. Let's see if Blip.tv can do better.


Buckley said...

OK, here's my question: Was there any discussion of the $6 million for the Pearl Cohn cluster? Now that Pearl Cohn HS is off the state's watch list, and nine other high schools are on the list, do they really think it's wise to promise those resources for a school that's making better gains than the others?

Kay Brooks said...

I haven't had a chance to view the entire meeting so I can't answer the question.