Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Depressed Dem PTA Mom

I've come to expect that the very people who put parameters on education choice via legislation almost always choose to enroll their own children in private schools. I don't fault them for placing them there but on restricting the choices of the vast majority of their constituents who cannot afford such choices.

This morning a 'depressed Democrat PTA mom' bemoans:

Let us just say that if Mr. and Mrs. Obama — a dynamic, Harvard-educated couple — had chosen public over private school, they could have lifted up not just their one local public school, but a family of schools. First, given the social pressure (or the social persuasion of wanting to belong to the cool club), more educated, affluent families would tip back into the public school fold. And second, the presence of educated type-A parents with too much time on their hands ensures that schools are held, daily, to high standards. Sandra Tsing Loh
True to form the Obama's, the Bidens and the McCain's children all attended private schools.
And yes, I know I appear to be ranting on like a pit bull without lipstick, which brings me to the final nail in the coffin in this sorry election year. As a Democrat I am horrified that Sarah Palin is the one who snagged the deeply profound — and absolutely ignored by professional smart people — emotional real estate of “P.T.A. mother.” I too am, in fact, not just “my kids’ mom” but their Title I Los Angeles public school P.T.A. secretary. This unheard female howl is, for better or worse, what Ms. Palin has set out to tap into; it is real, and I am sick that we’ve let the Republicans charge this ground. Sandra Tsingh Loh
Palin got her start in the PTA. Likely she wouldn't be VP nominee if she hadn't gotten elected there first. Apparently, someone forgot to start the vetting process then and there.

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Kay Brooks said...

Posting for Wendy:

"Couldn't get my comment past the security code, password, and name here it is.

My mother realized years ago that her Democrat party left the scene around the early 70s. She continues to bring the local Democratic party back to being pro-life, gun ownership rights, and personal responsibilty. She continues to be an election worker, contributing time to Farm Women's club, the Solanco Fair, as well as to my parent's church Faith Reformed Presbyterian Church. Like the writer stated about her contribution and her child's school, I too am proud of my sons' schools and help where/when I can. She needs you on her team; I am eternally grateful for your consistent, unwavering support. I'm not sure what the Palins will decide for their children if the whole family relocates to DC and they enroll the children in a school. Maybe Todd Palin will homeschool? Gov. Palin's strongest comment so far was about having a Advocate for Special Needs children in the Whitehouse. Maybe we'll have more than my mom joining the Republican ranks and being happy instead of depressed.