Friday, June 27, 2008

Who failed?

A very poorly timed analysis appeared below the fold on this morning's front page of the Tennessean. Terence Hunt of the AP wants to call the game before the clock has run and states:

"Seven years of tough talk by President Bush failed to stop North Korea from enlarging its stockpile of nuclear bombs on his watch and Bush's administration is winding down with deep doubts about whether Pyongyang really intends to abandon its weapons program." (Not on Tennessean site. Here's a link to the AP version.)
Embarrassingly for the Tennessean, while their presses were running last night Pyongyang blew up one of its nuclear water cooling towers.

What bad timing, since Mr. Hunt had worked so hard to include 'cowboy diplomacy', 'axis of evil' and seemed so happy to provide in his analysis that Bush was stuck with Korea's six month late report regarding plutonium production. And the Tennessean was glad to put 'Bush fails' on the front page. The Korean's Koreans inconveniently blew that expert analysis out of the water, so to speak. It's looking like the failure wasn't Bush's.


grammar queen said...

sigh. Another misplaced apostrophe.
"The Korean's inconveniently blew..."
There is no possessive here, just plural. It's: "The Koreans inconveniently blew..." For a homeschooler, knowing correct grammar should matter...

Kay Brooks said...

You're right. I need to proofread more carefully. In the meantime, Your Highness could think of it as job security. :-)

Eric H said...

I don't see how destruction of a cooling tower (supposedly located at a nuclear power plant) is evidence of halting nuclear weapon production. Now if it was a centrifuge or diffusion enrichment facility, maybe - but this is like the US destroying J. Percy Priest Dam to prove we aren't producing weapons at Y-12.

Will someone please tell the grammar king his better half is out playing Gladys Kravitz again?