Wednesday, June 04, 2008

MNEA endorses...

WPLN is reporting that the Metro Nashville Education Association is endorsing BOE incumbents , Mark North, Gracie Porter (who is running unopposed) and Ed Kindall (who has been on the BOE for 23 years). Not surprisingly they've also endorsed Sharon Gentry for George Thompson's seat. The Bellevue district endorsement of Paul Brenner will add an interesting twist to that race. Alan Coverstone has all the cash but Brenner's campaign gets a boost, past BOE Chairman Warden's endorsed candidate Lee Limbard, with this endorsement. I'm concerned that the Bellevue district will get all the attention and it's Ed Kindall's 23 years that really needs a thorough examination.

Hopefully, by tomorrow the MNEA site will actually have their endorsements posted on their own website.

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