Wednesday, June 18, 2008

On my wish list

This is just what I've been suggesting for over two years that Metro Nashville Public Schools should do.

John Allman, Brentwood information and technology coordinator, said it will probably take about six months for the new system to be online.

Once it's finished, residents will be able to watch specific discussions of items on the city's Web site,

"The public can watch a video just like they do now," Allman said, "except they can scroll down the agenda and click on a certain item and it will jump them right to that position in the video." (via Truman's Take)
It took my being on the school board to realize that the wimpy little two page agenda MNPS had been publishing wasn't helping the community out at all so I started to .pdf them myself and upload them to my own web servers. Then, after I left the BOE, I had a conversation with the BOE secretary and got the entire board packet .pdf'd and uploaded to the MNPS website. But still, the problem remained that Metro 3 archives the BOE meetings in 10-15 minute segments that make it akin to throwing dice to find the portion of the meeting you're seeking. Connecting the agenda and the video was the thing to do. I'm so glad Brentwood is leading the way. I hope Metro Nashville, MNPS and the State Legislature follows suit.

Politicians get paid to attend these meetings. Citizens don't and the personal cost to them to wade through agendas and video files to find just what they need in order to make their case with politicians and fellow citizens can be huge. I'm sure that this technology will result in Brentwood citizens being more involved in their government. While that may make it a bit more inconvenient for politicians and call them to more accountability I believe it's a solid win for Brentwood.

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din819go said...

sadly the full board package is STILL not loaded for the public to view...many reports, powerpoints, etc. are missing

the public still needs the FULL report