Sunday, July 06, 2008

The Headline is the Bottom Line

Great information in this morning's Tennessean by Jaime Sarrio titled "Poor Kids Teachers Earn Less in Metro". Just a short note, as time will allow at this time of my life, regarding a bit of it.

Don't overlook the Excel sheet the Tennessean provides. Feel free to manipulate those cells as you want. The real headline of the story may be the bottom line of that Excel sheet.

The lowest paid MNPS teachers work for KIPP Academy at $36,543.71 a year. The school has made AYP (adequate yearly progress), 94.3% of the students are on the Free or Reduced Lunch program, 7.7% are white, 92.3% are black, Teacher's Average Years of Experience is a mere 1.2 years and none, NOT ONE has an advanced degree. Kudos to KIPP-- again.

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