Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Dunning supporters

In what comes across as a tactic of your local debt collection agency Mike Stewart's campaign has virtually shaken their forefinger at those supporters who haven't voted yet. They've got a long list of supporters on their website and it doesn't take long to see that all the names on the supporter list don't appear on the voted list.

The Nashville Scene has the email reminder sent out by the campaign.

In an email yesterday to the state House candidate's backers, Sullivan lists the names of people who have voted early for the August 3 Democratic Primary. I have never seen a campaign do that before. While Sullivan thanks those she listed for showing up at the polls, her message is clear: Turnout is low and we know that some of you have said you’re going to vote for us, but haven’t yet. Don’t think we’re not watching you.
WHEW! Good thing Mike Stewart, who is running for Rob Briley's old Tennessee House seat, is listed as having already voted. Kinda creepy to have a campaign viewing the poll information like this. It's one thing when they check the voting record of a candidate---but of people out of the public eye and not actually running? Not cool. If I were a supporter---I'd withdraw my support immediately.

If Stewart will go this far to get the job---what will he do once he has a job in the legislature with a larger staff and some state authority behind him?

The other story here may be what has been known for a long time--just because people put a sign in their yard doesn't ensure their vote or support. It's not unusual for people to allow the sign just to keep the peace in the office, neighborhood or association. Thankfully, the ballot is still private or else they'll be demanding to see your voting receipt before providing constituent services.


Buckley said...

for the August 3 Democratic Primary.

Pulle is a sloppy journalist- the election is August 7.

The thing that bothers me about it is that if or when Stewart becomes a state rep- how easy will it be to find how he votes in the legislature? Not very. It seems they know more about our voting habits than we know about theirs.

Kay Brooks said...

Great point! Too many legislators (local to federal) love the voice vote and hide behind them every time they can. Every vote should be recorded.