Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Needing salvation

Al Gore's Save OurSelves worldwide concert has been on my mind these few weeks as a clear contrast to the solemn assembly event called The Call being held in Nashville Saturday. Seemed to me Gore's whole event went off the rails with the assumption we could save ourselves and the Nashville connections seemed interesting to me.

The weekend is likely to be busier than Gore expected though as his son was arrested last evening. He was pulled over for speeding, drugs were found and so he's in the Santa Ana jail for the 4th of July. At least he was driving a Prius.

I didn't know that Al Gore, III was an associate publisher for a magazine called "Good" out of West Hollywood, CA and typical of our black-is-white and up-is-down world much of what is contained isn't really good but it is politically correct which is, apparently, good enough.

I hope Gore, III gets the help he needs and this time it takes. I can't imagine being the third generation male of a political family with such high expectations. That's a lot of baggage. But in situations like this, and some his father is trying to address, we can rarely do these big jobs alone.

Wonder if they ever long for a legitimately simple life in Carthage.

UPDATE: The Tennessean covers the story but despite being the Gore's hometown paper, and his former employer, adds no original content to the story.


Daniel Lewis said...

As the Gore concert deals with global warming issues, some of you may want to check out

Daniel Lewis

FreeThinker said...

Kay, this is one of the most nonsensical posts I've read on your blog. How is a global concert event meant to raise awareness of global warming and protecting the environment in clear contrast to an event in Nashville for The Call group who want to promote religion through fasting and prayer? Was the Save Our Selves event saying we COULD save ourselves and The Call event saying we COULDN'T? Are you saying we can't save our planet? What's your point?

And what on God's green earth does that have to do with Al Gore's son being arrested?

For more on politician's children being arrested see:

Buckley said...

Mr. Lewis, that link seems to have information that is almost 10 years old. Nothing past 1998.