Wednesday, July 04, 2007

City Paper redo over

I came home Sunday evening to discover my dozens of Firefox tabs had been closed. Further it was apparently caused when or because my DSL connection died while I was out. So when I finally got my DSL back on Tuesday about noon I couldn't recover all the City Paper articles I had had open because in the redo of the City Paper website they'd apparently gone bad.

Then to add to the frustration their search feature is less than helpful. The problem is there are no dates and no way to search by date. So searching on keywords like SCHOOL and MNPS brings up dozens of articles but no dates to help me sort through and find the articles I intended to keep and/or blog about. In fact dates seem to be missing from the articles themselves when you do call them up. Further, I noticed when saving the article regarding LEAD Academy (blogged about below) no date was included with that current article either. Seems to me if you want to be a paper of record and a cited source--dates should be required.

And, since I'm apparently in a critical mood, does anyone else have a feeling the e-paper headlines were typed on a manual that needs its ribbon replaced?

I'm a bigger fan of the CP than the Tennessean for sure so these changes are disappointing. I suggest a bit of tweaking before considering this site redo done.

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